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Inceptionpad( a collaborative business plan tool based on the widely used textbook Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management and a private social network specifically designed for early entrepreneurs. The collaborative business plan tool helps entrepreneurs develop their business strategy, and to share the business plan in one or more trusted groups to get feedback and attract collaborators. Inceptionpad is being used in various universities and institutions in China and US.

2.Sign in and Sign up

The website‘s address is,open it with any modern browser and sign in or sign up as shown blow:

Pic 2-1 Sign in

Pic 2-2 Sign up

3.Profile Information

After signing up for the first time, a user will be directed to edit his profile information. The only required field is the user’s full name and location. A user can access the profile page at any time via the pull down below the profile picture.

Pic 3-1 Personal page


Group is Inceptionpad’s primary unit of information sharing. Fellow group mates can see each other’s venture information. The group may be an entrepreneurial class, an incubator or a business plan competition. Only users belonging to the same group can see each other’s detailed venture information. However, via the ACL Setting,a startup team can protect one or more sections of their business plan from even those users within the group by making the section viewable to only mentors or only to project teammates. Everyone can create and apply to join in a group.

Create a Group:

Click the ‘+group’ button in the top menu will take a user to the search group page where a user can create a new group by clicking the “Create Group” button. Once a new group is successfully created, the group’s creator who is also the administrator of the group can invite others to join, as well as approve or decline requests to join the group. Note, once a group is created it is initially searchable but not displayed in the index page. Only those groups that are approved by Inceptionpad will show up on the index page

Pic 4-1 Search Group Page

Pic 4-2 Create Group Page

Information to be filled is as follows:

Group Name

Group Logo

Group Overview

Group Type: Entrepreneurial class, Entrepreneurial organization, Incubator, Risk investment, Entrepreneurship Competition

Group Tag:Self-defined tags.

Join conditions:Condition to join the group.

After a group is successfully created, the user will be directed to the group’s main page. On this page, the user can share the main page link with people that should join the group, as well approve or decline any requests to join the group.

Pic 4-3 Manage projects and members

Join in a group:

Locate the group card in the “search group” page, then click the ‘apply’ button on the information card to request to join the group. After you apply, the admin of the group can decide to accept or decline the request. Once accepted into a group, the user can then view the details of fellow group-mates’ ventures.

Pic 4-4 Search Groups Page

Pic 4-5 Group Homepage

5.Publish a Venture

Users can publish and join a project. To publish a project, click the ‘add venture’ button:

Pic 5-1 Publish New Project

When creating a new project, a user can choose which groups to share the venture with, and by sharing, the venture will be listed in the group’s main page.:

Pic 5–2 Share Project to Groups

If a user choose to share to more than one groups, the user need to choose which group’s business plan checklist template to use for the project .

Pic 5–3 Choose a default checklist template for your project

A user can always share an existing venture with a group by clicking the ‘share project’ button on the group’s main page and choose the projects to share:

Pic 5-4 Second Way to Share Project

A venture’s team member can edit the venture’s detailed information using a pre-defined checklist. The checklist is generated using the teachings of Patterns of Entrepreneurship textbook and customized based on the experiences of each group’s mentors.

Pic 5-5 Project Homepage

A user can also upload text, picture and or other files (such as doc, pdf, ppt) to describe each checklist item. Finally a user can set the access right to a checklist item by choose to set the item as viewable by all group members, group mentors only, or project team members only.

Pic 5-6 the detail of checklist item and the acl setting

Any team members can edit the checklist. In the “project team” checklist item, a user can edit, add, or delete members. Once a new member is added, his/her information will show in the member list with a pending status, and the added project member will receive an email asking him/her to confirm to be a member of the group as shown below.

Pic 5-7 Add New Member

Pic 5-8 Wait the New Teamer Confirm

Pic 5-9 Invitation email

The new member needs to confirm by signing in or signing up.

Pic 5-10 Accept the Invitation

6.Join a venture

A user may contact the venture’s current team by leaving a message requesting to join the venture, and a current member of the team can add the user to the team and thus sending an email invitation as described above in section 5.

Pic 6-1 Leave a message


For any problem of questions regarding Inceptionpad, please contact us via the help page:

Pic 7-1 Help Link

Pic 7-2 Help Page